Akashic Class Level 2

Suppose you could be given the perfect loving words to say that would awaken a person’s reason to live?

What if you were shown one vivid moment in time to explain why someone can let go and feel free again?

Who could you inspire if you could receive a detailed way to communicate the legacy held in the treasure of a soul?

In Akashic Records Consultants International L.L.C. Level II Class, you learn to consult another person’s Akashic Records through the Sacred Prayer Method™ with permission.

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This course develops the skill of accessing and holding the energetic key that opens the flow of wisdom from another’s soul. You work closely with others to express the information received through this powerful, yet subtle form of spiritual insight.

The wealth of knowledge brings heartfelt love and understanding, whether giving or receiving the consultation.

Through carefully designed processes for each class, you are brought to a place of blessing, Divine Grace, and radiant uplifted consciousness.

Here are just some of the results from this subtle, deep class:

  • Validate and expand your personal insights from your own inner work with another viewpoint from the Akashic Record
  • Clear emotions and behavior that do not lead to Peace and centeredness
  • Expand life direction
  • Gain clarity about decisions
  • Perceive inner qualities that are gifts to build on in your life
  • Understand the magnitude of your abilities
  • Choose to interact with people in uplifting ways
  • Open to the expanded tide of wealth and well-being