Certified Consultants Program

ARCI Certified Consultants Information and Curriculum

pic-manadala-2We welcome and invite you to join us in working with the Akashic Records on an ever-deepening level. The information as received through the Akashic Records has led to the development of the ARCI Certified Consultant life changing and heartfelt program.

The requirements were designed to bring the consultant to a highly responsible resonance with clients, and with the consultant’s own inner development. The deeper you work in the Akashic Records with integrity, the more refined your capacity to serve for the highest good becomes.

Being an ARCI Certified Consultant offers you many opportunities to deepen your own personal work, and expand your business by acknowledgement as being ARCI certified on the Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC website.

The following Consultant Certification requirements are updated periodically, so requirements may change. Contact the Managing Member working with certification if you have questions about meeting your certification requirements. Please note: ARCI is used to replace Akashic Records Consultants Intl., LLC.

Consultants Certification Curriculum:

  1. Membership to Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC.
  2. To enter the program you are required to complete Level I and Level II training with 30 days of practice.
  3. Read curriculum in its entirety before committing to program. Please go into your own Akashic Records and verify it is your calling.
  4. Integrate your work in your life by completing working with the public doing a minimum of 64 one hour Akashic Records Consultations for others.  (Not including your own consultations or in class processes/consultations.) Keep documentation. (Personal and Akashic Records Work Journal) of each consultation. Copies are to be sent to Home Office. The consultations during your 30 days of practice can be included.
  5. Please work with your Teacher/Mentor to answer the following 5 questions with your Akashic Records open. Allow the Masters, Teachers, and Loved One to be in partnership with you in answering these questions.
    • Certified Consultants Registration Form (contact either of the above for form).
    • Letter of Intention
    • Answers to the following questions
      1. What is my motivation behind my becoming certified?
      2. How will this partnership with ARCI and me be of long-term benefit?
      3. How can I best describe my personal relationship with the Akashic Records’ Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones?
      4. What does ARCI represent to me?
      5. How am I willing to uphold the purity of ARCI’s teaching?
  6. During your certification program you are to attend the following Akashic Records Consultants International classes.

    The remaining classes are:

    Email copies of certificate to ronir75@yahoo.com and akashiclove7@gmail.com.

    When possible it is recommended that you attend classes taught by at least two different teachers. This will broaden your learning experience. Teachers and class schedules are listed here. Feel free to take additional classes in order to deepen your experience.

  7. Attend ARCI’s Consultant Certification Class. Schedule to be announced by Roni Reisler or Rose Marie Swanson.
  8. After completing these requirement choose three people out of the following:
  9. Roni Reisler at ronir75@yahoo.com

    Marcia Swanson at morewatsu@icloud.com

    Ellena Lieberman at radiantcenter@yahoo.com

    Rose Marie Swanson at akashiclove7@gmail.com

    Schedule and complete an Akashic Records Consultation with three of them.

  10. Your work will be recognized and acknowledged by the Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC, who will present it to the Lords of the Akashic Records for their divine loving guidance.
  11. ARCI’s Managers of the LLC will notify you by email of the Lords of the Akashic Records response.
  12. Sign the agreement of dedication for Certified Consultants and email copy to ronir75@yahoo.com and akashiclove7@gmail.com.
  13. Your certificate of certification will be mailed to you once we have all of your paper work.

To Maintain Certification:

  • Remain an active member of Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC.
  • Complete 14 hours of CE training every other year which includes, either the ARCI annual Conference or the Consultants Certification Class or Level IV class.

The ARCI Certified Consultant of the Akashic Records chooses a path of dedication to assist, nurture, and honor others. This loving service is sustained by a deep relationship with the Akashic Records as brought forward by the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.

The ARCI Certified Consultant commits to being an emissary, sometimes on a daily basis, between the subtle dimensions of the Akashic Records and people who may have never been exposed to the realms of possibility and growth.

For this reason, the curriculum is designed to integrate the experiences of working in the Akashic Records in great detail and depth to build confidence, security, and trust within the Certified Consultant.

Blessings on your continuing journey!