Akashic Class Level 1

What if you could know clearly what your course of action should be each moment?

What would life be like to live from the purity of your essence, the authentic quality from your soul? What if you were aware of your essence always?

How would your life transform if you felt deeply connected and supported in the face of confusion?

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In Akashic Records Consultants International L.L.C. Level I Class, you learn to access your own Akashic Record through the Sacred Prayer Method™.

The class is dedicated to developing and holding the inner energetic key, through the Sacred Prayer Method™ that opens the spiritual pathway that connects you to your own Akashic Record.

The processes in Level I are designed specifically for each class to open to the unconditional love and grace that freely flows when you are aligned with the Akashic Record’s luminous field.

Open your heart to a limitless capacity to receive the wisdom and richness of your own life journey.

Here are just some of the results from this powerful work:

  • Construct positive, loving relationships
  • Free patterns that no longer support you emotionally
  • Develop life plans based on who you truly are
  • Understand why certain people are in your life and why you behave in certain ways with them.
  • Discover joyful creative expression
  • Connect and choose Peace and Love as a constant in your life through Grace.