Akashic Class Level 3

If you could describe a vivid scene from hundreds of years ago that totally opened another’s heart, how would that change life?

What if you carried an unnamed burden that was suddenly replaced by joy and creativity?

Could the feeling of fear and isolation dissolve into fulfillment and passion as you reclaimed your innocent true nature?

In Akashic Records Consultants International L.L.C. Level III Class, you use the Sacred Prayer Method™ to integrate deeply imprinted information from past lifetimes and ancestral influences.

You experience the freedom of creativity, through drawing or other art forms, without judgment.

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In this three day class, you immerse yourself in the Akashic Record information from other incarnations to bring understanding from a deeply centered place in your own heart with your present life.

You explore the impact of your ancestral lineage in shaping who you are today. With new and stunning clarity, you integrate the fuller understanding of the unique, pure identity that is truly your soul’s legacy.

Here are some of the results from the empowering, integrating Level III curriculum:

  • Embrace how your personal talents have been nurtured over lifetimes
  • Let go of reacting to people and choose centered, positive actions
  • Clearly feel and know how significant people have influenced you
  • Understand why someone is in your life
  • Complete behavior, through Grace, that does not serve you any longer
  • Awaken to the full support of your spirit and heart
  • Free yourself from judgment that blocks creativity
  • Feel whole and at Peace