Aura Photography

March 20, 2016

Accessing Akashic records

The goal was to take aura photographs to ascertain if there is a common thread among the Akashic Consultants when they are “in the Records”. The mission was to determine if these finding would display their already rich spiritual lives via the photograph. This was done with no expectations as to outcome.

All these colors have their individual voices and manifestations in every arena of life. Through the ages, wisdom has repeatedly told us that our very existence is energy and that this energy is expressed through the chakras.

It was also known that certain chakras have a higher spiritual vibration. Now science, through the camera, displays that reality. Technology and ancient knowledge come together in a graceful union.

After carefully examining all the photos and compiling the data, I found that blue (throat 5th chakra – intuition/inspiration) is the dominant, definitive underlying chakra connecting the Akashic Consultants.

In viewing the aura photo, it may be that the blue is not apparent when In the Records, but most assuredly it is there.

The 5th chakra is the connecting force The 5th chakra is the center of clairaudience and this ability gathers information from both the 6th (indigo/ spiritual power) and 7th (violet/spiritual power) chakras. This chakra (blue – intuition/inspiration) is the true connection between the Akashic Consultants.

In the records summary for each picture:

  1. Gold (crown) is called the Higher Self and when activated, brings enlightenment, transmutes any negative energy that might enter its realm and keeps one free of agitating thoughts or disruptive feelings that don’t belong. It is a clear channel when in Connection. There is an overlay of violet (7th chakra) on the red when in the Records. Violet integrates the red and blue qualities, heightening them, violet being highly intuitive visionary.
  2. Blue flows through when one is in the Records as it is a very high intuitive vibration. Peace, love and transformation would best describe being in Connection.
  3. The 5th chakra is what makes you shine. When in tune with blue, one is the most caring, nurturing and protective of all the personalities in the color spectrum. When in the Records, blue shows inner knowledge and wisdom, feeling and knowing what is right without needing facts or data to substantiate this knowledge. The violet (intuition 7th Chakra) and the blue show that when in Connection the heart is open and full of love.
  4. Red, the color of passion, shows the anticipation and excitement of becoming an Akashic Teacher. The white underlay in the Records show that what exists on the physical plane is elevated, expanded and flows from Source. This place of awareness (connection) is a clear conduit or channel for healing energy.
  5. Gold (crown) appears when in Connection. God is the color of forgiveness also known as “Christforce” energy. Gold along with violet provides cleansed energy and helps find the answer to any question.
  6. When in the Records, one brings in violet (intuition 7th chakra), blue (5th chakra) and gold (crown chakra). This awakening is further enhanced by violet which is a very high vibration and fast path to realization.
  7. The 5th chakra gives you very strong intuitive abilities. One becomes quiet inside and recognizes or hears an inner voice or guidance which tells exactly what to do. When in the Records, one is enveloped in the highest vibration of energy – white (8th chakra). White light contains all the colors of the chakras: spirituality, transcendence and universal concepts are then revealed.
  8. In the Records, green (heart chakra) is the dominant way of accessing Spirit. White, where all information abides, is also there and enhances the heart chakra. Here is a direct channel or door to all knowledge. Indigo and blue are also engaged when following the Records Guidance.
  9. In the Records are indigo (6th chakra) and violet (7th chakra). The indigo connects with deep feelings and inner knowledge. And the 3rd eye, which is opened, is highly sensitive in the individual to “know” there is spiritual energy in all things. The violet energizes seeking a higher purpose and gives the ability to look into situations and problems. Then one is able to find the root of the problems.
  10. The grounding aspect of the heart chakra in the first photo is still present in the Records photo. The violet in both photos shows high ideals and hope for the future. It shows inner connection with universal power.

Voice Analysis Research

At the conference, we wanted to see what changes would show up in the human voice when they were working in the Akashic Records.

Sharry Edwards has developed several programs for working with analysis of the human voice. Her work is called BioAcoustics and Faye has attended classes and works with her programs. So we decided  to observe the various frequencies in 3 peoples voices using the Vocal Analysis software.

Using the vocal analysis programs, we recorded three people’s voices, before opening records, while opening the records and answering a question while working in the Akashic Records.

After recording the voices, the program converts the recorded vocal sounds into numeric data using the properties of frequency (Hertz/cycles per second) and amplitude (decibel). This information is used to create a digital graph that represents the vocal frequencies and the corresponding data using a range of 0-1000 cycles per second.

What you want to see in a completely healthy balanced voice with nothing out of sync is the complete range in the middle shaded area of the voice spectrum. You can see how much the voice changed as you look at the three colors overlayed. There was a change in each voice with each step, from out of records to opening to working in the records.

The graphs are just a different representation of the same data. Look at the change. There is much that can be derived from this data, yet for our purposes, we were only looking to see if the voice registered change and it seems self evident that there is a definite change in each person’s voice.

It provides some interesting food for thought. The 3 recordings for each person were done within a five minute period to minimize any outside changes.

There is a difference in each voice print, and in most cases it moved toward complete balance with each step. Could we assume then, that working in the records is in our best interest if our goal is to be completely healthy? This is a very limited trial, yet it does indicate that this is a possibility.

Aura Photos of attendees at the 2012 Convention




Aura photography