The History of Our Sacred Akashic Records Prayer

It is said that in the beginning, not all humans were given access to the Akashic Records, but as time went on, the creators desired man to become a creator in his own dimension. So the Records were opened to all, accessible to all. When the time ended for the Mayan Civilization on Earth, there were but a few individuals left who still held the vibrational key for accessing the precious Records—and this was maintained with reverence and purity.  

The story began with a man named Johnny Prochaska, a Spanish nobleman of Czechoslovakian lineage, who married into the royal Spanish family. He moved with his family into the Spanish Quarters of Mexico City when civil strife brought Franco to power in Spain.

One day Johnny was to travel for business, but his plane was delayed, so he wandered through the Mexico City barrios to pass the time. As he rounded a crowded street corner, he had an unexpected encounter. A strikingly familiar woman stood in a doorway before him, beckoning him to come. Her face was that of an ancient Mayan woman, and she was one who had called to him in his dreams over the course of three years. As Johnny entered her doorway, she exclaimed, “So! At last you come!

She told him of the Old Ones, who brought the “knowledge of time” that we now refer to as the Akashic Records; they had brought this sacred information to the earth from far away. The woman guided Johnny on a journey to an ancient sacred site in the mountains, and there he made a deliberate choice to bring the knowledge of the Akashic Records to humanity. Through ceremony, he was given knowledge of the sacred prayer. He was to teach the use of this prayer, which would open the Records to humankind and reawaken all who sought the knowledge. Johnny translated the sacred prayer into Spanish and then English.

Johnny returned to the United States in the late 1960s and began teaching people how to access the Akashic Records for themselves and others. He taught Mary Parker, and she is but one of two who live from that time. Johnny returned to Mexico in the late 1970s where he lived out the rest of his life.

Mary Parker began training consultants and teachers of the sacred prayer method in the late 1980s, and in 2001, she created Akashic Record Consultants International (ARCI), an educational not-for-profit organization that trains and assists those who further the work of the Akashic Records. Mary resides in Odessa, Texas, and each teacher of our technique keeps in touch with her on a regular basis. We continue our exploration and training of the Akashic Records independently and as a group.

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