Akashic Records: Learn, Grow and Teach from a Soul Level through the Book of Life

Akashic Records Consultants International L.L.C.(ARCI) is a dynamic global organization dedicated to the expanded awareness of connection to Source through the teachings and wisdom of the Akashic Records. ARCI trains and assists those who wish to expand their consciousness in order to make clear and aware choices in their lives. For those who are called to work with ARCI to become certified consultants and teachers, we offer a course of study in this powerful and ancient method.

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stock-illustration-14837579-tranquil-loveAkashic Record consultations are given in person or over the phone. All persons listed on this page are ARCI certified consultants and/or Teachers.

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Learn to Access Your Records


Learn to access your Akashic Records using the Sacred Prayer. Levels 1 - 4 bring you deeper understanding of your soul's purpose.

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Certification Programs

Certified Consultants Program


Are you called to create a life of service and a heartfelt business at the same time? Become deeply imbued with the process of opening the Akashic Records to assist and support others. The ARCI Consultant Certification Program offers you a series of classes designed to deepen and intensify your abilities to integrate the wisdom of the Akashic Records. Learn more....

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Certified Teachers Program


Extend your consultant certification into greater expansion and depth. The ARCI Teacher Certification Program is devoted to classes that identify within each participant the true worth of holding this awareness for life transformation. Your dedication becomes clear and unshakeable.  Learn more...

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 arci conf 2015


Akashic Records Consultants International Conference 

Passages to Transformation

October 24th and  25th, 2015 location : Chicago, IL.

Pre Conference Intensive:  October 23th
Continueing Ed: October 23th


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Hotel: Comfort Inn O'Hare

           2175 East Touhy Ave.

           Des Plaines, Il 60018

phone: 847-645-1300

room rate - 2 queen beds @ $ plus tax.
Shuttle available

October 23th, 2015 Pre Conference Intensive

10 AM: Roni Reisler


The mandala is a visual, physical representation of the Sound Current and Light of the Divine. It is "seeing" Divine tone.

It can be a portal to the Light within and higher realms of Light beyond. 

When we create our own mandalas, we not only have the opportunity to express the Divine creativity within ourselves, we also tap into the vibrations that can move us through the portals of transformation and expansion. Our own mandala becomes our personal meditative instrument.


 ARCI Conference Agenda

Saturday: October 24, 2015

9:00 - 9:45 Registration

10:00 - Session 1:
 (Prerequisite ARCI Level I Class)

Opening/ Meditation by Rose Marie Swanson

Feature International known Speaker: Cathryn Taylor

Cathryn Taylor is the author of the bestselling "Inner Child Workbook", "What To Do With Your Past When It Just Won't Go Away"

Topic: "Inner Child" 

Want to Become a Student of Your Pain Instead of a Victim of It?

Cathryn Taylor, MA, MFT, LADC, inner child expert, trained Akashic Records consultant, and certified EFT practitioner, believes that no experience is wasted and every challenge holds within it the ingredients needed to heal - body, mind, heart and soul. Join her for this five-hour workshop.  Experience the dynamic results of partnering with your Akashic Records Keepers in the healing of your childhood pain. Witness for yourself how profoundly this partnership can provide the context, insight, and direction, to not only heal your childhood wounds, but to also resolve the lessons of your soul. 

1:00 Pm Session 2

Cathryn Taylor

Closing meditation with Rose Marie Swanson


Sunday: October 25, 2015

9:00 Opening and intro.

9:15 - Session 3

Wendy Sue Wahl
Within View Passages

Both Fact and Fantasy are important in our lives for we respond to both.  Reality and how it is perceived through our experiences define and shape us.  As we strive to fully live in the present of “this moment” and “this moment” self-discovery is vital to our Soul’s growth.  It is necessary to release the limiting beliefs which may have been given to us by society, our biological modeling or our interpretations.   There is no right or wrong way to walk your path.   YOU are the only YOU available to fill YOUR place in the Universe.

Session 4

Ellena Lieberman

One Divine Light Passage
Contact and embrace your life with complete innocence and openness. Be in love with each moment filled with fresh adventure emerging from your heart. You connect to the sacred journey of your own soul and join with the Divinity of others to unite in a new passage of illumination and life direction.

October 26th, 2015, Continuing Education: Ellena Lieberman,Roni Reisler and Rose Marie Swanson.

for Certified Consultants and Teachers
Maintaining and Intergration of your Passage
Please send form and check or credit card infomation to:
ARCI c/o Rose Marie Swanson,
PO Box 61862,
North Charleston, SC 29419

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