Akashic Class Level 4

If you knew that every minute came from a sacred place, what would your life be like?

What would you say to yourself and others if you were speaking from the heart of great reverence of the Divine?

Would you act any differently if your soul was first and then your personality?

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In Akashic Records Consultants International L.L.C. Level IV class, you use the Sacred Prayer Method™ to fully embrace your relationship with the Akashic Records as a significant part of your life.

The questions and processes in the manual and for each distinctive class invite an inner search that moves you to deep soul alignment.

In this 3 or 4 day experiential class, you fully identify your core of reverence with the refined essence of the Akashic Records.

From a place of unconditional love and honor of your divinity, you consciously choose a life path that unites all aspects of yourself with the Sacred Force within you.

Here are some of the results from this life altering, journey:

  • Experience your true worthiness so you are confident of your value in the world
  • Elevate your thoughts so you live a more inspiring existence
  • Choose the significant path the Akashic Records will have in your life
  • Find the reference for sacredness consistently in your life
  • Connect to the unconditional grace so you create love and peace
  • Receive in-depth wisdom for spiritually mature decision making
  • Consult for others with profound, clear alignment to the Akashic Records
  • Realize a dramatic increase of the awareness of love in your life and the people in it.